We are a pair(couple), to whom us the dogs are charmed with and though everything began with a West Highland White Terrier, our dearest and special Danna, whom we will never forget, soon we knew this marvellous race the Scottish Terrier, race that little by little we know and learning mas. I believe that though it(he,she) sounds to topic the one that coexists with a scottish, always it(he,she) will want to have one it(he,she) surrounds.

     Our dogs live in house and share with us all the familiar(family) events, walks, vacations, …, this makes them be balanced and they can face safely to all the situaciones.

     Also they are a important of our interest to the canine exhibitions.

     The aim(lens) of this Web is to give the opportunity to know little mas this magnificent race. We wait that in a not very distant future, our canine family sees extended with new imports.

A greeting of, Raúl & Belén